Monday, October 3, 2011

New Artist For Asterix!

When I was around fourteen or fifteen I was constantly drawing the Asterix characters in the style of their co-creator and illustrator, Albert Uderzo. I remember my Mam remarking that I should keep practicing and maybe one day I could take over the illustration of the character after Uderzo. I'm sure I would have scoffed, informing her that 'it just doesn't work that way'.
And lo, the news came out last week that Uderzo, after illustrating the Asterix books for over fifty years, is handing over the job to a new artist to carry on the job. Whether this is right or wrong is of little consequence. After all, Uderzo has been writing the books longer now than his original partner, Rene Goscinny. Below is an image by the artist Rune Bennicke, who I think would do a smashing job continuing the franchise. God knows, if I had continued to practice those characters like it was suggested to me, I'd have nearly twenty years of expertise under my belt by now. Man, I wished I had listened to my Mother!