Thursday, February 26, 2009

Buddy Holly

Here's a 'for shits and giggles', record mock-up type thing. The Pixar tour campaign is under way and gathering steam. If anyone else has any pointers, feel free to chime in on the post below. Until then, get your Bank on, y'all!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How Does One Get A Peep Inside Pixar?

In 2000, myself and a mate swung by the old Pixar studios with our portfolios. They seemed quite puzzled as to why someone would like to look at their facilities when we asked if they did tours. They did not, but generously offered to look at our work and critique it. Now that Pixar have gotten bigger they've made a policy of NOT giving tours of their studios for obvious reasons. However, In a few weeks me and Laura are heading back to the 'Frisco and wondered did anyone have any advice as to how to swing an elusive look inside Pixar. Just a peep!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Olly And Suzi

Anyone familiar with this duo? I watched a show on them last night on BBC in which I saw them trying to scrawl a drawing underwater and then tossing another to a shark to take a bite out of! The artwork ultimately and inevitably looks shit but they claim that they are producing a more visceral kind of piece, tossing around phrases like 'capturing the essence' without any appreciation of the true meaning of the words. It seemed to me just another chapter in the debasing of modern art that taps into peoples fears of looking stupid if they admit that they don't like something or don't 'get it'. And don't get me started on Jackson Pollock (yeah, I went there!). Anyway, the show was like a 'Spinal Tap' of the art world. yeah, yeah, I know what everyones thinking, 'well paul, art should be subjective and just 'cos you don't like it...' and so on. Agreed, there'll never be a popular concensus as to what is good and what is bad but I'd subscribe to what a famous artist said recently in that 'Art should be an emotional thing, not an intellectual thing - it speaks to the heart, not the mind', or something like that. Oh yeah, and 'Olly', who produces these pieces of rare animals in an effort to attract public awareness to their dwindling numbers shoots deer for fun! Laters!