Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Little Fecker!

Well the posts have been coming in slow due to me working on stuff for other people and/or being too lazy to do anything of my own! Now the post's are gonna grind to a halt for a couple of weeks as my arm's in a cast. Our little maniacal dog, Kenobi (above) got out the front door during the weekend. Fearful that the wee f*%ker was going to run out under a car I dove for him as he ran past me. I ended up with a fractured bone in my drawing hand for my troubles! He thinks it was the best fun ever though!


galvinator said...

I bet ye the dog didn't even thank you after it! Ungrateful little buggers, no matter how cute you portray 'em

Frank Kelly said...

Hi Paul, Frank Kelly her. I stumbled across your blog while following links of ol DAP class of 2000! Your stuff looks great, I love it. Very cool indeed. I wish I could still draw... still?!