Friday, January 25, 2008

May Not Be Suitable For Adults

Okay, so I was Browsing in a dvd store last night and I picked up the fourth volume of the Looney Tunes Collection. I was looking through the special features at the back when I noticed a disclaimer 'for collectors - MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN'.
The Looney Tunes? Not suitable for children? Yeah, yeah, before you start, I know these cartoons where never made or tailored for kids, but I'd say they love them all the more for not being as condescending and cynical as most kids shows these days.
Children have grown up with these cartoons for over sixty years and NOW some people think they are not suitable! Who thinks this? Is it the same person that objected to Noddy and Big-ears sharing the same bed? Or maybe the person who felt the Cookie Monster was a bad role model(!) for their kids? Or maybe it was as simple as some superfluous marketing exec who, after sitting silently at the board room table for an hour needed to say something to feel valuable and blurted this rubbish out!
I'd be quite confidant that no child in the half a century that these cartoons have been on, has EVER been offended or have watched them to their own detriment.
It's the adults who convince themselves that they might not be suitable. Grown-ups who have this pre-concieved idea of offence and harm (and I'm not even gonna start on the fact that the same marketing person probably sat a child down in front of an hour of advertisements to see how they 'clicked'. Talk about 'harm'. sheeesh!)
I imagine a more appropriate disclaimer would have read 'MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ADULTS'.
What an ultra-maroon! what a nincowpoop! rant over.

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Mukpuddy said...

I concur good sir!!!