Friday, October 19, 2007


Okay, so I've started to jump aboard this blog thing. After an abysmal attempt at building my own website and utterly failing, I thought 'darn it all to hell'. So here we are. I'm gonna use this blog to showcase some of the art work I've done as of late, to share some observances and rants on current design and animation but to ultimately keep myself doodling. Here it goes...

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tyger said...

Hi Paul,

Welcome to the blogosphere. Shame you couldn't design your own site. It's only easy if you know how!

Lots of people run very successful blogger sites.

Your art is excellent, but I would be wary of not carrying a request for fair use or some protection of your property.

Try a creative commons licence.

Apologies if you have someting, but I couldn't find it.